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    ESC Amiens’ Bachelor degree

    ESC Amiens

    ESC Amiens is one of France’s top 40 business schools awarding state-recognised degrees.

    In France, all state-recognised Bachelor degrees are granted in 3 years, and reward 180 ECTS (60 European Credit Transfer System per year).

    Therefore, all Bachelor degrees enable you to carry on with a Master degree in the 27 European countries (during 2 years)!

    And because ESC Amiens’ degrees are part of this European network, other countries like UK, Japan or the USA take European Bachelor degrees into account!

    Getting the Bachelor degree

    You will get a full-English education in business with 1 to 2 different topics every week, enabling you to meet different professionals of international business.

    At the end of your 5-month business education, you will do a 6-month internship, leading to a report and a defence.

    And because you are in France, French will also be taught for a better integration by FLE’s (Français Langue Etrangère) specialists.

    International Business Programme

    Welcome week

    English language

    French language

    General knowledge

    HRM policy and inclusion

    Management control and performance management

    Conflict and career management

    Business strategy

    Customer relationship management

    Business Intelligence


    Functionality economy

    Labour law

    Business Game


    Employment week

    International business

    Introduction to research

    Bachelor thesis

    Work placement (6 months)

    Total : 60 ECTS

    The internship experience

    A 6-month internship must be done in a Company giving you an international mission.

    This experience can be done anywhere in the world, as long as the content of the mission is related to the education you have received in Amiens: export assistant, import assistant, international marketing assistant, international finance assistant…

    ESC Amiens’ Career Center will be available to help you at your arrival, looking into your CV, your project.

    Living in France a great student’s experience


    France is the founder of the European Union (27 countries Today) and member of the top 9 wealthiest countries in the world.

    With almost 80 million inhabitants, we host international mega companies like COCA COLA, PEPSI, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK… but we also host mega French companies like TOTAL, LVMH (Louis Vuitton)…

    France also welcomes 400, 000 international students per year, making it a great place to live an international student experience!

    Living in Amiens

    Amiens is a medium-size French city which is 1 hour away from Paris and Lille by train.

    With 35, 000 students in Amiens, and 6, 000 international students, our city is like a open-air mega student campus!

    The town center stands next to ESC Amiens’ campus which is next to Amiens’ Cathedrale, one of the biggest Gothic Cathedrale in the world.

    People are friendly and very open-minded!

    ESC Amiens’ campus services

    Our international team takes care of all international students: finding a flat close to the campus, guiding you around for food, laundry, bank services, etc.

    Upon your arrival, you will get a pass to have access to all our campus’ services (cafeteria, sport club…).

    A special shuttle will welcome you at the airport upon your arrival and will take you back when you return home.

    Applying to ESC Amiens’ Bachelor degree

    Our admission team is ready to discuss with you to give you tips and help you prepare the Bachelor’s entry tests.

    All the tests are done online: a discussion in English about yourself and your project; a discussion in English about a press article to assess your English skills; an online series of tests to assess your global skills and business konwledge.

    Please ask your home institution’s coordinator to organise training sessions to get ready for the official entry tests.

    Do you want more information?

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    +33 3 22 82 23 44


    Marion QUINTIN

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